Jim Gaffigan Visits Fort Wayne for "White Bread Tour"

Published 03/24 2014 01:42PM

Updated 03/24 2014 01:53PM

Jim Gaffigan is in town for his "White Bread Tour" which he performed at the Embassy Theater.

Before his performance, Gaffigan and his family got the chance to have a real-life bread tour at Fort Wayne's very own "Aunt Millie's Bakery" downtown.

As you can tell by the name of his tour, Jim has a special connection to white bread, and we got the scoop on why.

WFFT's Tara Petitt asked Gaffigan what he thought of Aunt Millie's Bakery here in Fort Wayne.

"It was great, ya know, as a parent you wanna expose them to different things, so this was kinda right up the ally.  I was definitely raised on white bread and so the tour is named "White Bread" because I live in New York City, and New York City is very ethnocentric.  It's like what are you...Jewish, Italian, and I was kinda like the white bread midwesterner."

"I've been to Fort Wayne.  I did a show here a couple years ago at the Embassy, which is a great theater, and I went to the hot dog place where they put an equal amount of hot dog and onion on a bun...Coney Island right!"

If you missed Gaffigan's performance at the Embassy, he is planning a special performance on Comedy Central April 27th.  His CD comes out on April 29th.

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