Ivy Tech is #1 Choice of Current High School Graduates

Published 06/25 2014 02:22PM

Updated 06/25 2014 02:33PM

If you are thinking about going back to school to further your education, you may want to consider the number one choice of current high school graduates...Ivy Tech.

WFFT's Rohma Siddiqui explains why recent graduates are choosing the school and a new grant that school just received.

It's officially summertime and most high school graduates and parents are probably college shopping.  Their number one pick may by Ivy Tech Community College.

Cathy Maxwell is Ivy Tech's Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and says, "28% of all students graduating from high school in the state of Indiana are choosing Ivy  Tech when there are so many choices they have to pick from."

So why is Ivy Tech the number one choice?  Well, most students say that it allows them to attain an employable degree in about half the time and half the cost, not a bad deal."

Jessica Creekmore is a nursing student and says, "I believe the special trades are definitely more in demand and they are not requiring as stout education for it."

Students WFFT spoke to stressed the importance of acquiring necessary skill sets in the real world to obtain employment.  Maxwell says Ivy Tech is the most affordable school in the Hoosier state and just this week the college received a $200,000 grant.

Barbara Jones is the Grant Writing Coordinator and says, "Well the grant is from the National Science Foundation and it's for technology education to help people with associate degrees to be more employable."

The money from this grant will focus on engineering technology and micro systems.  Professor Andrew Bell's Engineering Department will be receiving a lot of that cash.

"It's a project grant which means that we can develop a program, develop coursework, provide training for faculty and buy student materials."

Maxwell explains that the average Ivy Tech 2 year graduate earns about $7,000 more per year in compassion to other institutions in addition to learning necessary skill for their fields.

Suzette Eliopoulos is a current student at Ivy Tech and says, "Well, that's what's going to get you a job and what's going to get you a job is what's going to put a roof over your head and pay your bills so I think having that skill set is important.  Having it condensed so that you've got what you need so that you're not messing around with something that you don't need money you probably don't have."

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