ISTEP Snowed Out


Published 03/12 2014 06:17PM

Updated 03/13 2014 12:23PM

Snow cancelled school yet again across the region.

Wednesday was the thirteenth day Fort Wayne Community Schools has called off classes, and it comes right as students begin taking the ISTEP test.

WFFT spoke with administrators about how they expect those kids to finish the test.

"This is the most wild winter that we've had in a long time, obviously. And it's just a little overwhelming,” says parent Beth Collier.

Collier has her three daughters home from school once again today.

The school year is already extended- and the day extended by an extra hour- and now, even the make-up time needs to get made up.

"For every day we miss, we have to make up six hours. And then, because we lost one of our extra hours, so we have to make up seven hours now. So that would be an extra seven days that we would be adding on,” Fort Wayne Community Schools spokesperson Krista Stockman says.

The prolonged days were supposed to last until April 11th.

But with Wednesday, and maybe the rest of this week, that could be extended.

And on Tuesday, students across the district began taking the ISTEP.

Missing test days brings up other problems.

"Because of all the days missed in January and February, the state extended the testing window until- usually it's a two-week testing window, this year we have three weeks,” Stockman says.

Stockman says they waited one of those weeks to catch the kids up.

But with that three-week window rapidly closing- school out today, and maybe even Thursday or Friday- with ISTEP, they've got to figure out what they're going to do with that time.

And then, what about spring break?

We asked some of you.

"I think I'd have postponed the test for a couple of weeks until the weather breaks, and then start having the test. Give them a little bit more time to study,” says Charles Walamath.

"Hopefully it doesn't mess them all up. I think they'll do ok though,” Collier says.

Stockman says they'll decide about Tthursday early in the morning.

And from there, figure out how to finish ISTEP.

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