ISTEP+ Scores Improved from 2013 to 2014


Published 08/04 2014 09:14PM

Updated 08/05 2014 03:35PM

“2 to 3 percent improvement is what we strive for from year to year and that’s excellent growth. To be 5.5 percent, we're just ecstatic,” said Dr. Ken Folks.

Dr. Ken Folks, Superintendent for East Allen County Schools is pleased with the results from the ISTEP tests taken by his students this past year.

Dr. Folks said this is a great boost for the East Allen County Schools and attributes the results to the teacher driven curriculum which was written 4 years ago and now the results are showing with the performance of their students. Dr. Folks attributed the success to a variety of people.

“It tests both it’s assessment are we delivering the curriculum how is our curriculum how are the students performing,” said Dr. Folks.

Laurie Johnson, Education Program Chair at Ivy Tech, said while the tests are used to gauge how well the kids do, they also keep teachers in check.

“The accountability is tied to their yearly evaluation. That’s part of the evaluation process how well their students do on the ISTEP,” said Johnson.

Latasha Fincher, mother of a 3rd grader who will be taking the tests this coming school year, doesn’t think it’s only the teachers that should be held accountable.

“You’re not sure what the parents are doing at home because it doesn't just take a school to help raise a child or help teach a child, it has to be given at home as well. So it’s kind of hard to say if the teachers doing their job, or are the parents doing their job,” said Fincher.

Incoming 6th grader Evan Garcia, who took the language arts, English, Math and Reading tests this past year, said the material is the same thing that kids learn all year long.

“You just have to pay attention and teachers have to teach them the right things so you can pass,” said Garcia.

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