IRS Phone Scam Warning


Published 03/17 2014 09:40PM

Updated 03/18 2014 08:58AM

There is just one month left to file your taxes for 2013, and the IRS has uncovered a new type of scam that is costing people thousands of dollars.

WFFT has details about how these criminals could try to take your money.

Phone scams have been around forever.

But this time, criminals have taken a much more sinister approach.

The scammers have been calling people posing as IRS agents- that's nothing new.

But now, they can mask their calls so caller id shows it as the IRS calling.

They say you owe them money and threaten to have you arrested by local police or to lose your driver's license if you don't pay.

But, if you hang up on them, they call back, again with caller id masked, claiming to be local police or the BMV.

IRS agents say debt is a civil matter, not a criminal one, and police will not get involved if you have a tax debt.

"Now, in real life, that doesn't happen. We don't work with local police departments to collect taxes, we will not have anything to do with your driver's license. So if you get a call from somebody saying that they are from the IRS, and they demand immediate payment, hang up on them,” says IRS agent Luis Garcia.

"There's predators out there who steal their information, and get it any way they can. There's many ways they can get it. They can get it through your trash, through hospitals, educational institutions, any other means they can get it, they're going to get their hands on it,” says IRS criminal investigation agent Kerry Hannigan.

The IRS is asking you to contact them if you get one of these calls.

And if you have any questions about what you might owe, answers can be found on the IRS web site-

Or call 800-829-1040

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