IPFW Enforces Tobacco, Smoke-Free Campus

Published 04/01 2014 06:41PM

Updated 04/02 2014 08:38AM

Across the nation, more than 1,100 colleges and universities are promoting healthy lifestyles by becoming smoke free. IPFW is the last Indiana University campus to join the bandwagon of having a no tolerance policy for any tobacco products. April 1st marks the first day the smoke free campus is fully enforced. 

If you enter IPFW, you'll be greeted by signs planted in the ground declaring the campuses new smoke-free policy. Not all students are happy, though. Some claim that smoking helps them deal with the stress of homework and tests. It’s the beginning of a new initiative passed by the school Chancellor, Vicky Carwein.

 "There are even more diseases now connected with the use of tobacco and smoking than what we had thought several years ago. This was just the right time for us to do this," said Carwein.

Before students were allowed to smoke in parking lots or designated but huts. The school has since removed all the huts and replaced them with a tree. The goal is to decrease the number of smokers so that the amount of people exposed to second hand smoke will also decrease.

The new rule applies to everyone including staff who will be reprimanded if caught smoking. The consequence for students is a $25 fine. IPFW also offers resources to help people stop smoking in their health clinic.

Members of Smoke-Free Allen County helped pushed the issue before it was finally approved. The organization released this statement about the new plan:

Policies like this help people quit and prevent others from starting an addiction that ultimately can kill them and others around them- this policy will save lives. Not only can IPFW breath easy, but they are planting trees in place of the smoking huts, just an added bonus of beautification to the campus! Bravo to Channcellor Carwein for making the healthy choice for the staff, students, and visitors on campus. A big thanks to all the Tobacco Free Allen County coalition members for their hard work over the years to encourage this positive change. 

-Jill Leal
Executive Director
Tobacco Free Allen County

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