Insurance Claims for Monday Evening's Storm Damage


Published 07/02 2014 09:45PM

Updated 07/03 2014 08:16AM

Violent storms ripped through the area Monday and it was confirmed that 2 tornados touched down leaving 2 people dead and several people dealing with the cleanup.

Dan Gebert and his wife woke up instantly Monday night when violent storms ripped through northern Allen County. Although it only lasted about 10 to15 minutes, it left hours worth of cleanup.

Gebert said, "We came out to see tree branches whipping around pretty hard."

Melissa Satterthwaite a State Farm Insurance Agent said before hiring anyone to help cleanup from the storm, homeowners should mitigate as much damage as possible themselves. She said, "Mitigate the damage, second thing is call your agent go online file a claim online file a claim through an 800 number."

Satterthwaite said the second thing is to call your agent and file the claim because everyone's deductable varies and people forget exactly what their’s is.

She stressed, "Everybody is subject to their deductable so depending on what your deductable will determine how much will be paid to you after the fact."

The Gebert family had a tree fall in their yard and they're trying to decide if filing a claim is worth it.

Dan said, "We're debating we're trying to total up to see how much damage we actually have to see if whether it’s worth the deductable."

Satterthwaite said wind damage is covered under homeowners insurance however water and sewage is extra. She said, "The best thing you can do to know what's covered and what's not sit down and see will this be covered or will it not."

Gebert said, "We've had storms that broke down a few branches but our whole yard is covered with them we’ve got trees laying in the side yard so got a lot to do."

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