Indiana Attorney General Fights for Appeal for Gay Marriage


Published 06/26 2014 10:14PM

Updated 06/27 2014 07:59AM

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that the gay marriage ban in Indiana is unconstitutional and several same sex couples rushed to court houses to get married before anything changed.

Not everyone is happy about this ruling; Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller issued an emergency appeal to ensure this ruling does not last.

The appeal from the attorney general read:

"Until the United States Supreme Court determines that traditional marriage laws such as Indiana’s are unconstitutional, it is premature to require Indiana to change its definition of marriage and abide by this court's conception of marriage. Nonetheless, marriages in violation of Indiana’s existing law have taken place, are taking place, and will continue to take place pursuant to this court's order. Time is of the essence to stop these marriages by staying this court's final judgment and all related injunctions pending appeal in order to maintain the historic status quo of man-woman that Indiana and its citizens have adopted."

Another group, the Catholic Bishops of Indiana said in a statement:

"With deep respect for all our brothers and sisters, we nevertheless see no basis in law or in nature for any definition of marriage that seeks to expand it beyond that of a covenant between one man and one woman."

"As pastors, we will continue to preach and teach the truth of marriage as it is ordered by god."

Attorney General Zoeller's appeal said that the traditional definition of marriage has been around a long time and its validity is hotly contested but the status quo should remain until the Supreme Court addresses the issue.

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