Inaugural Apprentice Fair Helps You Find Jobs


Published 06/26 2014 01:29PM

Updated 06/26 2014 01:45PM

Are you looking for a job?  There are jobs right here in Fort Wayne that will pay for your schooling and training, along with paying you a very liveable wage.

WFFT's Brooke Welch was at the Inaugural Apprentice Fair in Fort Wayne and has more on how you can get hired.

Every person that WFFT interviewed looking for a job had no idea that apprenticeship's even existed as an option for them until the Apprentice Fair.

Alexis Moore is thankful she saw a flyer for the event and says, "I didn't know they pay so good!  These jobs pay $14 or $15 an hour!  They even help you with getting trained for free.  I never knew we had these opportunities.  Thank you God!"

Employer Susan Emmons says the trades are a well kept secret that wants to be exposed.

"We just don't understand why the trades are not better known in the community so that's one of the reasons why we're here to get the word out there."

Tim Kennie has been looking for work since September and was excited to learn that he can be hired for an electrical job even with a felony charge in his past.

"20 years ago, I did make a mistake in life and ya know, it tends to haunt you from then on.  It might have been one mistake, whether it's one or two people look at that and here, they are not looking at that."

Another reason job seekers should consider a trade?  They are hiring!  Governor Pence says there is a skills gap between high school diplomas and four year degrees. 

Jack Morris says the skills gap is the reason he helped organize this event.

"As the baby boomers are starting to retire, there are not enough people coming into this.  Also for some reason, people don't hear about this program so there are not as many people coming in as they need."

"To get our economy moving again statewide, we've got to force better partnerships with businesses and our high schools and our post secondary institutions locally."

At least one job seeker left the event happy.

"It was awesome.  They sent my resume out to different companies already.  I'm just waiting on a call back, just awesome."

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