ID Thieves Targeted

Published 04/01 2014 10:19PM

Updated 04/02 2014 11:35AM

Protecting your identity and hard earned cash during tax season with the tax filing deadline just a couple weeks away, the Indiana Department of Revenue is cracking down against tax frauds.

In just 2 months, roughly $3 million dollars that was targeted by identity thieves was intercepted by state tax investigators and it's all thanks to a new security measure put in place this year.

The Indiana Department of Revenue describes identity theft as a national and local epidemic.  That's why they are fighting back with a system that only a handful of states are using.

"We just need to be proactive in watching our information."

Easier said that done when identity theft isn't just a Hoosier problem.  It's a national problem as Professional Tax Preparer Cheryl Bacon knows the all too real consequences.

"For some reason it must be getting worse because this is the first year Indiana started doing it."

The Indiana Department of Revenue is saying no more.  They are now on the attack, aggressively targeting those who try to steal from Hoosier tax payers and the state of Indiana.

"We've stopped 2.8 million dollars from being paid out to people who aren't who they say they are and ultimately we will be able to make cases and take these people to trial."

The State is asking select taxpayers to take an identity confirmation quiz.  The test only takes a couple of minutes and asks specific questions that only you will know the answer to like...

"Make and model of his cousin's car."

Dori Miller is a professional tax preparer at Liberty Tax Service.  She's on board with the new security measures.

"I think it can only be effective and we obviously need to make great steps towards protecting consumers and tax payers when it comes to identity theft."

If you are asked to take the quiz, you are not being suspected of ID fraud, but you are required to take the quiz within 30 days of receiving it or else your return won't go through as scheduled.

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