Huntington Drops Annexation Proposal


Published 07/09 2014 07:34PM

Updated 07/10 2014 10:46AM

Talks of annexation have come to an end in Huntington.

Last night, city council members voted against adding a region to the north of the city- which includes the Parkview Huntington Hospital, schools, and many rural homes and farms.

A second vote immediately following by the city council put an end to all further annexation talks from the current plan involving the five regions.

So we went out and talked to some of you, and your reactions were many of you couldn't be happier.

"I don't want to annex, that's why I live here. I like a small town. If he wants a big town, I think he should move to a big one,” resident Norma Holzinger says.

Holzinger has lived in the Huntington area nearly all of her 81 years.

She says the city council got this one right.

"I think the council probably was listening a little bit to the people that didn't want it. We have a well, we have a septic tank here, we're doing fine, that's why we came out here,” Holzinger.

Last night, the Huntington City Council voted 4-3 against annexing the first of five regions outside of the city.

The city proposed adding five regions- totaling 4 1/2 square miles-areas which included the Parkview Huntington Hospital, schools and many rural homes and farms.

After the vote, Mayor Brooks Fetters asked the council if they should consider annexing the other four regions- And it voted against it 6-1, ending all annexation proposals.

"We did live in town, my husband was a city fireman. And now we're out here to retire,” Holzinger says.

WFFT reached out to the mayor's office to get a response and he was unavailable all day and was not able to return our calls.

So as of right now, annexation in Huntington is currently dead.

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