Huntington County Residents Split Over Wind Farm Ordinance

Published 05/05 2014 10:34PM

Updated 05/06 2014 08:16AM

 “The ordinance that's used to regulate wind energy conversion is poorly written,” said John ShuttleWorth,” President, Huntington County Concerned Citizens. 

Huntington County Concerned Citizens is dedicated to changing an existing wind Turbine ordinance. 

“What we are interested in is a responsible ordinance that protects the residents of Huntington county,” Ssaid Shuttleworth. 

APEX Clean Energy has its sight set on the town of Plum Tree in Huntington County.  They want to build dozens of wind turbines.  According to the APEX website,  the project will create jobs and pump millions into the economy.  However, Shuttleworth and his team are pushing to change a county ordinance written back in 2009. 

“Right now the wind ordinance is written so that wind turbines can be located 1000 from a structure or home,” said Shuttleworth

Huntington County Concerned Citizens want the ordinance to be changed from 1000 feet to a quarter of a mile to reduce what they say are health risks and potential hazards.  Luke  Vickrey doesn't see it that way.

“We feel like the existing ordinance is written well enough that it doesn’t need to be changed,” said Vickrey. 

 Vickrey started Citizens for Wind Power, a group of residents who welcome the wind turbines and don't want the existing ordinance to change.

“The process for changing the ordinance is over, there were public meetings held back in 2009 where anybody could have come and voiced there concern,” said Vickrey. 

The Huntington County  Plan Commission will hold a public hearing, Wednesday May 14,  to discus changing  the ordinance.  The plan commission will make their recommendation to the County Commissioners, who have the final vote. 

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