Human Skull Found in Hamilton Lake


Published 08/18 2014 09:37PM

Updated 08/19 2014 05:41PM

“There were 3 sheriff cars, 3 DNR cars, dive boat and crime scene tape and you’re like holy smoke what’s going on around here this is usually a pretty quiet place.”

Tom Reincke explained what he saw Sunday when he returned home from early morning golfing.

Sunday morning scuba divers from 3 law enforcement agencies were called to investigate human skeletal remains found by a resident in Hamilton Lake in Steuben County.

Phil Bloom, Communications Director for the Department of Natural Resources said they were called to the scene because the remains were found at or near the shore line.

“The identity of the remains has not been totally confirmed as far as I know but what I’ve been told from experts is that they could be prehistoric,” said Bloom.

Bloom said the DNR has now passed the investigation to the State Museum in Indianapolis for more research by experts.

Although the crime scene has been cleared and the tape is down, neighbors are shaken by the events that went on in their quiet lake community this past weekend.

Brad Stevens said neighbors were out on the street trying to see what was going on.

“I’ve never seen so many vehicles along in one place in a long time it was kinda scary I guess I was thinking someone was disposing of a body and it could be criminal intent,” said Stevens.

Reincke said he and his wife thought it was a drowning as well.

“Well when you get the DNR was there an accident in the lake did someone drown because when the DNR gets involved normally it involves the water cause they have authority over water and land,” said Reincke.

Reincke said that after knowing the skeletal bones could be prehistoric he is surprised and has more questions.

“I’m very surprised this was an old Indian area and they were prevalent here but how long they’ve been in the lake and why they surface now is everybody’s question,” said Reincke.




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