How Your Tax Money is Spent


Published 07/16 2014 06:56PM

Updated 07/17 2014 08:31AM

The military and the state have cleared 122nd Air Wing Commander Colonel David Augustine of any wrong doing.

But some don't feel his spending of taxpayer dollars make sense.

WFFT spoke to an expert and some of you about whether this is justified government spending or more government waste.

Indiana political expert Andy Downs says this kind of government spending isn't uncommon.

"If you think, for example, back to the turn of the century in the 1900s back to the 1800s, we used to build really big grand and glorious buildings. And now when you think about a government building being built, you don't think about something that looks like the Allen County Courthouse, or the old city hall, you think about something that is much more utilitarian,” Downs says.

At Wednesday's press conference at the Fighter Wing, the Air Guard explained all of Col. Augustine's spending.

But for some, that doesn't make it ok.

"I think it's government waste because it could be going to better things that could make Fort Wayne better or our city better. It shouldn't be spent on what they want to do with their office,” says Synda Clements.

"I don't really like it, but I don't think it was his fault either because bureaucracy has mandated that those be paid out like that,” says Gene Coffey.

"To find out that somebody is spending that on private jets when I could use that money to live my day to day life better than what I am today, it's kind of infuriating,” says Ministy Holifield.

So the spending has been cleared as justified.

Political experts say it's legal.

But for some of you, it might not pass the smell test.

So, what can you do, as a taxpayer, if you don't like how your money is being spent? 

"If you see government making an expenditure that you don't like, and that's not only for something like renovating an office, but even for a government program you don't like. What we need to do as voters and people who live in the community is contact the elected officials and let them know that we don't appreciate what they're doing,” Downs says.

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