Hoosier Lottery: Securing Millions

Published 04/25 2014 09:44PM

Updated 04/28 2014 08:35AM

The live drawings of the Hoosier Lottery are televised every night for less than a minute, but hours go into testing and securing each and every drawing. 

“There are no secrets in the way we conduct these drawings,” said Jim Nash,   Director of Security, Hoosier Lottery.    

Nash invited our cameras to take a look at how his team secures the two daily drawings.

Seven machines are picked at random from a pool of 10, and the balls used are also selected at random. 

“If someone messes with one of the machines it may malfunction but we will know it.  But if someone messes with the ball sets it might not be evident,” said Nash.  

That's why the ball sets are never touched by bare hands, and before the live drawings, each machine is tested a minimum of three times.

“The whole goal there is to ensure the whole thing is random, the machines are functioning properly the ball sets have not been modified in any way to ensure the randomness of the drawings,” said Nash.  

Nash says the integrity of the lottery is all they have.  

“I'm convinced that we have as high of a level of integrity as we possibly could have but we also have to present it in a way that the public accepts that,” If you see something that you think could potentially be breached or compromised we need to know that's what we're about,” said Nash 

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