Hoosier Lawmakers Question GM Execs.

Published 04/02 2014 10:21PM

Updated 04/03 2014 08:33AM

 General motors CEO Mary Barra in the hot seat, as she fields questions from congress. Among those with their crosshairs on Barra is Indiana Senator Dan Coats. 

“Whether you like it or not you have become the face of the problem but hopefully the face of the solution,” said Coats (R-IN).  

The problem at hand is a faulty ignition switch that's allegedly led to roughly 30 crashes and 13 deaths.

Tim Gaylord is the owner of A-1 Automotive in Fort Wayne. His shop services many of the models currently on the GM recall list

“I’m rather disappointed that it wasn't addressed earlier,” said Gaylord.  

He says when the ignition switch turns off, the car loses power steering and breaking, plus the airbags don't deploy.

“At this point I expect customers to be asking me if they are part of the recall and what they can do in terms of safety until they are,” said Gaylord.  

Gaylord says you can help prevent the problem, simply by reducing the number of items you carry on your key chain.

“If a person were to put a number of keys or accessories on a key ring, with the swing of the keys or a sudden bump it could pull down on the key which will then turn the vehicle off,” said Gaylord.  

For a list of all of the vehicles on the recall list:  http://www.gm.com/ignition-switch-recall.html

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