Health Officials Give Advice on Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Published 01/20 2014 01:32PM

Updated 01/20 2014 01:42PM

So far, 11 people have died in the Hoosier State because of the flu virus. WFFT spoke with health officials who have advice on how to stay healthy during the peak of flu season.

"Influenza is not a cold. It is a stomach illness.  It's one in which you're going to have a tremendous immune response to because it's a very aggressive virus and your body is trying to get it under control."

Many people often make the mistake of letting their sickness take its course but like Dr. Deborah McMahan said, the flue is not a cold.  It is much more difficult for your body to fight the flu than other common colds, regardless of your age and body type.

Young children and older people may be more susceptible to diseases, but nearly all 11 deaths in Indiana this season were among healthy, middle aged men and women.

It's important to take symptoms seriously if you think you may be catching the virus.

"You're gonna have high fever, muscle aches and pains, a little bit of a dry cough maybe, and profound fatigue that lasts probably 4-6 weeks."

If you are experiencing these symptoms, especially a high fever, touch base with your doctor immediately.  Most viruses can be killed if they are caught and treated within 48 hours.  Stay home if you are sick and get plenty of rest.

Forcing yourself to leave the house with a fever will only pro-long your sickness and spread diseases.

To prevent catching the flu and other diseases, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when it's available.

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