Funding for VA Hospitals Make Veteran's Skeptical


Published 07/31 2014 09:52PM

Updated 08/01 2014 08:24AM

“These men were all promised when they enlisted and they need to get what they were promised.”

Sam Armstrong, a veteran at the American Legion in Fort Wayne, showed his emotions when talking about the importance of veterans getting their health care from Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals.

Under a bill that has been passed by the House of Representatives and now being voted on by the Senate, $17 billions dollars would be used to fix the scandal scarred department of veteran’s affairs. Part of the money would go towards more jobs and part would go towards a veteran’s choice card that would allow veteran’s who are unable to get an appointment in 30 days or are 40 miles from a VA facility to go to any doctor’s office for treatment. Armstrong believes this is what veteran’s need.

“There’s got to be the answer for everybody I’m currently under the Medicare system Social Security I can go anywhere that accepts Medicare and the vets should be able to do the same regardless of their age,” said Armstrong.

Other veterans, like David Hess, feel the opposite.

“If you can’t get in 30 days you cant get to a regular doctor in 30 days so that’s 60 days so you’re still not any better off than you were,” said Hess.

Senator Joe Donnelly said every penny is going to ensure the care is better for our veteran’s and he is voting for this bill to be passed.

“Every dollar going at the end of the day to make sure our vets health is better and we made a solemn pack with our vets they took care of us they protected our nation and we said wed take care of them,” said Senator Donnelly.

Hess said it’s just a band aid that congressman and senators say is going to work but they are just trying to move on.

“We've got Vietnam veterans who are still not getting help so it’s just a mess and I don’t know how it’s going to be fixed,” said Hess.

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