Frost Illustrated in Economic Dilemma


Published 06/27 2014 08:29PM

Updated 06/30 2014 08:27AM

Frost Illustrated, based in Fort Wayne, is under financial trouble after a temporary employee stole from the business. "They found where my checks were hidden at and wrote a check that took us well, beyond our cash flow and put us in over draft,” said Edward Smith.

Edward N. Smith, the Publisher at Frost Illustrated explained how a former temporary employee put Frost Illustrated in jeopardy last year.

Rosilene Taylor was charged this week, with four counts of forgery and two counts of theft after finding Frost Illustrated’s blank checks and cashing them for herself, which put the community's oldest newspaper in an economic dilemma.

Smith said, "Pretty soon it was a snowball effect and we were out of business."

Smith said the black paper has been running for 45 years and added that its a voice for the black community. "If we don’t have a black newspaper that speaks the facts as black people see them then who’s going to speak for you?" Smith questioned.

Michael Patterson, Managing Editor at Frost Illustrated believed that Frost is needed in this community. "The purpose of frost is to give people in the community who are often overlooked a direct voice,” said Patterson

Frost, the oldest running black-owned business in this area encourages the community to donate through However they're looking for more than fundraising to get the paper in a better economic standing.

"People keep reading frost and buy subscriptions uh increase advertising, that’s what fuels us,” says Smith.

Smith is overwhelmed with the support from the community but said, “There is a need indispensible need for ethnic newspapers since we are a country of ethnics."

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