Free Head Start on Filing Your Taxes


Published 02/05 2014 02:18PM

Updated 02/05 2014 02:31PM

Tax season is here and while returns are not due until April 15th, it's still a good idea to get a head start on filing and there are places throughout the area offering to do it for free.

That's right! No fees as long as you make under 52,000 a year per household.  The Volunteer Center and United Way are offering this free service.

Over 2,700 families had their taxes filed with the free Tax Prep Program last year and without this help, many of them would not be able to afford the cost of having them filed somewhere else.

"I am very grateful because as everyone knows, a child is very expensive because just being able to get her those extra things, out of that money that is free is very helpful to me."

Last year, the Tax Prep Program helped residents claim more than 4.2 million in refunds.  Jean Joley, the Executive Director of the Volunteer Center says many people do not realize they can get an additional 5-6 thousand dollars if they qualify for ETIC credits.

"Many times, people that file their own, miss these credits so we want to get people every dollar that is due them."

There are 3 ways you can take advantage of this free program.  You can go to one of the centers and have a tax preparer do the filing for you.  You can go to one of the self assisted tax sites and receive help from a volunteer while you file on the computer.  Or you can file on their website form the comfort of you own home.

"You'll notice that this goes all the way over to the Indiana/Ohio line and almost all the way over the Chicago area so there are many different locations."

This free program has helped thousands and at St. Mary's Church, Victoria Hardy was thankful to have her taxes taken care of.

"Grateful, and I thank them so much because it's a very big help to me.  I give them very big applause because without them I don't know where I would go."

The website for this free service is and there is also information for in person filing locations on their website as well.

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