Fort Wayne Woman Celebrates 102nd Birthday

Published 04/14 2014 10:38AM

Updated 04/14 2014 10:45AM

Living to be 100 years old is quite the accomplishment and a Fort Wayne woman is celebrating her 102nd birthday!

"It got so many memories!"

It's Lucille Hanson's 102nd birthday and she has a secret to her long happy life.

"I love my family.  As long as my family keeps up and everything, I'm just happy."

"My mom's philosophy of life is what she taught me, my brother, and my sister throughout our whole life.  Everything happens for the best. No matter how sad or downtrodden you may feel, something will come along to work it out.  Everything happens for the best."

Although it's been many years, Lucy still thinks back to her years of being a ballerina.

"I used to teach dancing.  Still feel like I could dance."

Lucy's son Jeff says his mom's positive and loving spirit is what makes her so special.

"My brother, my sister, and myself smile a lot and the only reason is because of our mom.  She taught us how to do that.  She taught us how to look at the bright side of life and be positive."

Even after being alive for over a century, I'd say Lucy has still got it!

"I can't dance like I' like to, but that was a long time ago ya know.  I can't keep this up forever."

"It's just wonderful having this lady a my mother and that's all I need to say, right there.  I wouldn't trade her for anything."

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