Fort Wayne Track Club Host Annual Banquet With Special Guest

Published 01/27 2014 02:13PM

Updated 01/27 2014 02:22PM

It has been a cold start to 2014, and all the snow and sub-zero temperatures have made it difficult for runners to enjoy outdoor paths.  The Fort Wayne Track Club hosted their annual banquet with a special guest speaker who gave helpful advice to those who are still running despite the freezing temperatures.

Running is an outdoor sport that anyone can participate in for a good workout.  The Fort Wayne Track Club says even the frigid cold shouldn't deter people from getting their daily run.

"Dealing with adversity and battling the conditions is part of the fun."

If you're an avid runner, then snowy conditions probably hasn't stopped you.  World renowned runner Bart Yasso has been running around the world for nearly 4 decades.  He says after surviving a run in Antarctica, cold weather should be no excuse.

"If you're afraid of the cold weather or if you're just new to running, just get out there and get a group that start out slowly.  Let you body warm up and you're going to be fine as long as you have a hat on, gloves, and your feet are warm.  The core part of you body doesn't need as much as you think.  You warm up when you're out there."

 Yasso is this year's special guest at the banquet.  President Jim Berry of the club agrees with Yasso.

"Running is something you can do outdoors.  It doesn't have to be limited to seasonal things, you just have to dress appropriately and watch your footing a little more and you have to pick certain days where it's like okay, it is a little too bad to be outside, I need to be on a treadmill."

He says an added benefit is getting a more strenuous workout.

"It gives you a 5 mile workout event though you're only doing 3 miles."

"You can go out in this cold weather.  It's not a problem.  You gotta be careful with the footing in this kind of weather and you gotta worry about the ice underneath the snow that you don't see."

Yasso says as long as your body is covered, you should be fine running in the cold weather after a warmup.  Just watch for that slippery ice on the ground.

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