Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation's Summer Playground Program


Published 05/30 2014 02:16PM

Updated 05/30 2014 02:35PM

School is coming to an end and if you're still looking for activities for your kids this summer, check this out! Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation is getting ready for their supervised Summer Playground Program to start up again in a few weeks.

WFFT's Isabella Moller traveled to different Fort Wayne parks, learning what activities your children can participate in and how they can sign up.

If you are still looking for a fun free option for your kids this summer, the Fort Wayne Parks and Rec is ready with activities to keep kids brains and bodies in motion.  This all taking place at several parks in the Fort Wayne community.

"I think it's a real good idea people need somewhere to put their kids, save money for day care."

The supervised Summer Playground Program offers free activities for your child and Mitchell Tucker believes it's a great idea.

"I like the idea.  Gets them away from video games.  I like the idea of them out there doing stuff and learning stuff at the same time."

Bennie Lewis explains that the programs were started back up in 2004 because, "We saw a need, ya know?  There's kids that are sorta sitting around with nothing to do and with nothing to do you find other things tend to filter back into your park."

The supervised program is free.  Parents go to one of the listed parks, register their child for the program starting June 9th - August 2nd.

"Open it up at 9:00am in the morning, we partner with the Fort Wayne Community Schools and they do the Summer Lunch Program and it goes til 5:00pm in the evening." 

Lewis explained that in his many year directing programs like this, he believes kids learn an appreciation for their park and understand their neighborhood better.

"They help clean the park.  They do all of these kinds of things, they become little civic citizens without even trying."

Throughout the summer, kids are able to participate in sports, swimming, board games, and arts and crafts.  At the end of the ay, Lewis feels blessed that he is a part of such a great program.

"It makes me and also my staff feel very special that we can do this."

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