Fort Wayne NAACP Help Rally "Pick up a Book, Not a Gun"

Published 05/05 2014 02:29PM

Updated 05/05 2014 02:38PM

Members of our community are protesting the recent violence as the Fort Wayne NAACP helped a rally called "Pick Up a Book, Not A Gun".

The homicide count is now at 4 for Fort Wayne and Allen County.  3 out of 4 of those are gun-related.  Although shooting deaths are down this year, members with the NAACP say it's still a huge problem in our community.

"Pick up a Book, Not a gun.  We're asking everyone to realize that there is the table of negotiation that you can sit down and discuss any problems that you have with another individual but whatever your disagreement is, it isn't worth taking a life."

It's the largest march organized by the NAACP.  Many say they are tired of seeing people gunned down but for the mother of 19 year old Tavontae Haney, it's a scene she can never forget.

"My son was killed.  He was laying there with a sheet over him and I think at that point, I about lost it.  It hurts and I think about it everyday."

"We're sick and tired of our young dying and that our babies are being exposed to losing their fathers and mothers, nieces and aunts at such a young age."

Marchers of all ages and backgrounds participated, including 6th District Councilman Glynn Hines.

"It gives focus that a lot of people care and the people assembled no matter how many that is, they're assembling to say to the greater community that we want to stop the violence and nobody can help us but us."

Haney's son was shot and killed last April by 2 Fort Wayne police officers.  The grieving mother is still seeking justice and a has a message for the greater community.

"It starts at home and if we train our child up, I think a lot of this could probably eliminate a lot of the homicides we had on last year."

The NAACP says they will continue to rally against gun violence until it stops.

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