Fort Wayne Man With Russian Roots Reflects on Crisis in the Ukraine

Published 04/09 2014 10:37PM

Updated 04/10 2014 09:05AM


Arbie Misserbiev   is a dual citizen both of Russia and America. He now calls Fort Wayne home where he lives with his family. He travels back to the region for business. 

“I'm just like wow! There were riot police and it was a battle.  There was shooting and there was blood.

Since Crimea was annexed, The United States has placed sanctions on Russia aimed at hurting its financial infrastructure.

“Today everyone is so connected.  Putting up those sanctions is going to hurt Russia in the long run,” said Misserbiev. 

Russian leaders are dismissing concerns over  troops assembling  along the Ukrainian border. Moscow maintains that forces are simply doing military exercises.

“My personal opinion is that it is going to be settled it will be my word against your word,” said Misserbiev. 

Misserbiev says he doesn’t think the situation will escalate to a civil war. He's hopeful that politicians will be able to settle the tension.

Escalation isn’t going to bring anything.   It’s just going bring another war, look what’s happening in Syria..  You don't want to live with your neighbors and always have to watch over your shoulder,” said Misserbiev. 

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