Fort Wayne Fire Chief Amy Biggs Resigning From Position

Published 05/21 2014 11:43AM

Updated 05/21 2014 11:52AM

Fort Wayne Fire Chief Amy Biggs is resigning from her position and she made the official announcements.  Now questions are being raised regarding her decision.

"This was Chief Biggs' decision to resign, and we're honoring that decision."

WFFT spoke with Biggs, but she declined to comment on camera.  She provided this statement to the media.

"The experiences I've had during my tenure will truly be memorable for years to come.  I stand proud to have represented the men and women of the Fort Wayne Fire Department as well as served the citizens of Fort Wayne.  I look forward to my return to the Operations Division and the continued opportunity to make positive contributions in our community."

Back in March, Councilman Mitch Harper raised questions about Chief Biggs' absence during vital Fort Wayne Fire Department budget talks.

"I frankly asked the City Controller that I would hope that the Fire Chief has not been directed not to attend City Council Meetings."

Pat Roller has this to say, "Usually it's  the Public Safety Director at this point that would stand for Fire and Police."

Multiple sources told WFFT that there were possible conflicts between City Controller Pat Roller and Chief Biggs.

"Over the past few days, we've heard a lot of scenarios, a lot of people have a lot of opinions on that none of which I'm going to address because that's not my position to do that.  What I can say is that City Administration, as a team, we're a cohesive unit.  During that fiscal policy time, it was a challenging time for everyone."

Biggs' resignation of Fire Chief officially becomes effective June 1st.  She will then serve once again as a Captain for the Fort Wayne Fire Department.  York says the new Fire Chief will be promoted internally and expects to have a decision in the coming weeks.

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