Fort Wayne Couple's Bank Account Investigated in Debit Card Scam

Published 05/19 2014 01:36PM

Updated 05/19 2014 01:45PM

A Fort Wayne couple's bank account is being investigated after their debit card numbers were recently stolen and nearly $2,000 dollars was compromised. The purchases were all made in Texas, a state the family has never visited.

"The bank told us it's the number one crime in the United States right now."

Jim and Sheri Siela recently had their debit card numbers stolen.

"My friend and I were staying downtown and my debit card was declined."

Sheri says she knew right away something was wrong because her checking account had sufficient funds one day earlier.

"I got on my bank and started looking around and over $1,800 dollars had been spent on our debit card that day."

"The limit for one day spending is $1500 bucks but that day, Sheri and I were using our debit cards, so we ended up spending, it was like $2,500 dollars came out of our account in one day."

Because it was a Saturday, the Siela's called the 24 hour line and the bank put a fraudulent hold on their account, which meant the family had no money for the weekend, and they were out nearly $2000.  Bank statements read that the purchases were made in Texas.

"They went to several different Home Depots and spent $1400 dollars just at Home Depot and they used both of our debit card numbers."

The Siela's say they've never been to Texas, and they haven't lost any of their debit cards.

"They had to have made those cards because our bank did not issue extra cards to us."

Jim says they have received one possible explanation from their bank.

"They believe that it's from online buying and we have bought stuff online from people around the United States on our debit cards."

The couple was told to cut up their current debit cards and carry cash for the time being.

"The bank suggests that if you buy anything online, you need to use a credit card, and not anything that is linked to your actual bank accounts."

The incident is still under investigation, however the couple has received an acknowledgement that most of the funds are back in their account.

"I don't like credit cards, and I think what I'll do now is I won't buy stuff online unless I do it with a prepaid credit card or something that I'm not gonna lose my banking money or my checking money."

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