Flooding Conditions in Huntington, Indiana

Published 02/24 2014 02:08PM

Updated 02/24 2014 02:21PM

We are taking a look at the flooding conditions in Huntington.  The water has receded and now residents are cleaning up the mess.

Flooding was only the beginning of the resident's problems.  We last told you about the flood and since then there has been a number of other issues these victims of mother nature have seen.

"The water was up this high.  Never seen anything like this.  Ten, fifteen minutes at the most."

Residents of Huntington are still in shock from sever flooding.

"Worst we've had in 30 years of being here."

A warmup in temperatures caused several feet of snow to melt and the Little River which more than a dozen homes live along, to rise.

Recent freezing temperatures caused all the extra water to freeze up again, causing yet another problem.

"It was inches away from being inside our home."

"As you can see, some of the ice is more than a foot wide surely enough to cause damage and knock buildings off their foundation."

"If we would not have been able to burst the ice then we would still be underwater where we're standing now."

Huntington Fire Chief Deputy Wayne Huff says crews had to use 100 gallons a minute to break up the river of ice.  Watch as they break away pieces of ice sending it into the river.

Carol was lucky enough that her home wasn't damaged, but right next door is a daycare center.

Keith Tobin says only the basement was flooded, but as a result their water, heat, and power had to be cut off and it's costing them big.

"Until we get everything up and running again, she's closed for at least a week."

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