Findings on Meth Lab Seizures for 2013

Published 01/27 2014 01:50PM

Updated 01/27 2014 02:40PM

Indiana State Police have released their findings on meth lab seizures for 2013.  The report details a record 64 lab seizures here in Fort Wayne.

"It's obviously an issue now.  If we doubled our amount of meth labs we seized last year, which we did, from 32 the year before to 64 this year, 2013, it's obviously a problem and I don't see any signs of it letting up anytime soon."

Indiana State Police released their findings on meth lab seizures for 2013.  Kevin Hunter, Captain of the Fort Wayne Police Department's Vice Narcotic Division, says that the number of meth labs continues to increase every year.

"Our previous record in years past was 2011 when we had 34. In 2012 we had 32, so we doubled the amount of Meth Labs that we seized last year."

Hunter says he believes the increase is due to the increasing popularity of methamphetamine.  It's easy to manufacture and it's easy to get all the chemicals involved.

Even with the increase of labs in Fort Wayne, the meth suppression team has not changed the number of officers on duty dedicated to meth.

However, Hunter says his team has been very successful fighting this major problem in our city.

Hunter says it would help crack down on the manufacturing of meth, if state legislators make Sudafedrin, the main ingredient in meth, a prescription-only drug.

"In the states that HAVE done that, Oregon being one of them, their meth problem significantly decreased once they made that a prescription-only drug."

Hunter says he can only hope for the best in 2014, as the drug problem is not going away anytime soon.

"Talking to my meth suppression team members, they think they're gonna set another record this year."

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