Farmers See Late Planting Season

Published 04/15 2014 06:32PM

Updated 04/16 2014 08:59AM

Farmers say that this is the week farmers would either start planting seeds or prep their soil for it. However, because of the lingering winter weather those plans have changed.

"The soil is still very cold and incredibly wet," said Elysia Rogers, agriculture and natural resource educator at the Purdue Extension in DeKalb County. She and Jason Carnahan who manages a dairy farm in Butler, say that it’s also bringing on other problems.

"The ground never really got as cold as it should actually. Snow is a good insulator so it didn’t freeze under the snow," said Carnahan.

"There’s an increased chance of slugs this year,” said Rogers. “It’s been so wet and moist that the slugs just love that environment. Weed seeds were able to survive through the winter. Farmers will have to pay attention to their weed management.”

Carnahan says during winter his cattle required more feed to produce milk.

“I’m more concerned maybe more bugs that didn’t get frozen through frost.”

Bugs could destroy the crops used to feed his cattle. That combined with late planting, is a recipe for a rough season.

"Its just new challenges you know you think you're ready to do something one year then the next year it throws you a whole different curb.”

Rogers says if the weather doesn’t shape up in the next three weeks, its possible consumers could see higher prices in the grocery store for corn. Soybeans however, are still on track because those won’t get planted for at least another month.

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