Fort Wayne Farmer's Markets 2014

Published 08/05 2014 09:00PM

Updated 08/06 2014 01:49PM

A recent fruit recall is concerning consumers across the country but there are ways to protect you and your family from getting sick.

WFFT's Tara Petitt has more on what to look for when you're shopping for your produce and also where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here in Northeast Indiana.

The California packer company "Wawona" sold to major grocery chains like WalMart and Meijer, recently expanded a recall due to possible listeria contamination.

The recall covers peaches, plums, and nectarines packed from June 1st through July 17th.

Listeria is a bacteria and it can contaminate the outside of your fruits and vegetables. 

Abbie Hardy's family owns Hardy's Farmers Market in Fort Wayne and she says no matter where you buy your produce, you should always wash it thoroughly before you eat it.

"You should wash any kind of produce you get from the store or the local Farmers Market."

Shopping at local farmers markets is a good way to know your produce is fresh and safe.

"We pick fresh everyday.  So you come, you get it fresh everyday.  We pick all day long.  Our sweet corn we pick all day long."

Most food in the US travels an average of 1,500 miles before it gets to your late.  Freshly picked ripe food is at it's peak in flavor and nutrition.

"We like Hardy's because we know it's grown right here.  It's locally grown."

Harry and Margaret Jones shop at Hardy's Farmers Market as often as they can.

"We like to come down here and today we're getting just a half dozen ears of corn.  That way it'll be fresh and then we'll come back again in a few days.  We love their sweet corn!"

"You know it's fresh, and it's earthy! It's fun!"

Shopping at Farmers Markets supports your local farmers and keeps the money you spend closer to home.

Fort Wayne Farmer's Markets
Summer 2014

Monday Parkview YMCA 4-7 PM
Wednesdays in New Haven 4-7 pm ends Sept 24th
Thurs. at One Summit Square, Fort Wayne 11-2 ends Sept 25th
Thurs. Georgetown Square, Fort Wayne 4-7 pm ends Sept 11th
Fri. Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center 4-7 ends Sept 5th
Saturdays downtown Fort Wayne at Barr and Wayne Streets 9 am to 1 pm ends Sept 13th

Purdue Extension office market listings:

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