Family Speaks Out on 3 Year Anniversary of Fatal Accident


Published 04/14 2014 02:53PM

Updated 04/14 2014 03:03PM

A family speaks out on the 3 year anniversary of a fatal accident involving a road worker named Ryan Zimmerman who was killed when a semi driver ran into him while he was working in a construction zone.

The anniversary of his death comes during Indiana's Work Zone Awareness Week.  The family tells WFFT's Brooke Welch that dealing with the loss doesn't get any easier.

"It affects every part of your life.  Every family photo I'll ever have, every family vacation, everytime I go to a special event, it will always be 'where is Ryan'?"

Laurel was busy putting together pictures for Ryan's upcoming wedding slideshow when she received the call that he had been killed working in a construction zone.  He was killed just 17 days before his wedding.

"There are no words for what that does to you, to plan a funeral instead of a wedding."

Ryan's fiance Abby Miller says losing her fiance in an accident that could have been avoided is still difficult.

"You just lost control, I mean, you're in complete shock and you're still kind of in shock 3 years later."

Construction work zones bring up constant reminders of pain for both women, and they ask everyone to remember Ryan's story so that another family doesn't have to experience their pain.

"Pay attention, for the love of God, pay attention to what you're doing.  Everybody's texting now, they put their make up on."

"I would just tell them to be aware and think that it could be your son or could be your fiance or husband.  It could be them out there.   Ryan just went to work and he never came home."

This is the end of Work Zone Awareness Week but the beginnings of a very busy summer construction season.  Ryan's family hopes everyone remembers to stay aware and drive slowly through construction zones.

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