EXCLUSIVE: Local Family Discovers Surprise Growing in Home

Published 04/23 2014 07:43PM

Updated 04/25 2014 04:01PM

Wabash homeowner Greg Benzinger has lived in his home for ten years. After discovering mold in all corners of the house, he and his family have left but the moldy mess remains.

"It's definitely easier to breath, we're feeling better," said Greg Benzinger as he described his health since he stopped living in his home. His wife Kristy has had asthma problems but their son Barrett has suffered the worst.

"He would vomit a lot, he would get dehydrated a lot, he would have diarrhea, he would choke all the time, he wouldn’t sleep," she said.

Baby Barrett has had many more health problems and has been in and out of children’s hospitals all over the region, hoping for a solution. The couple was cleaning a bedroom, when they found, what they claim is the cause of all their health problems.

"My husband moved some boxes and that's where he found the whole wall covered in mold. So we just started searching different areas of the house and we're finding it everywhere," said Kristy Benzinger.

The couple tells WFFT, they believe the previous owner may have covered up the mold with wall paper allowing it to get progressively worse over the years.

They say they're shocked about the way their insurance company has handled the problem.

"They said they weren’t going to do anything and she said to basically get some Lysol, a bucket and wipe the mold off," said Benzinger.

WFFT reached out to their insurance company, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance and got this comment from Director of Public Affairs, Rick Nelson about the Benzinger's claim.

“Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is investigating this claim, we have not made a determination.”

When asked about the temporary mold solution of Lysol and water, Nelson could not comment.

"We are currently paying for a hotel which is $150 a night, plus making a house payment," said Kristy Benzinger.

The family of three is suffering financially but their main priority is Barrett’s health.

"The first day we were out in the hotel, he slept all the way through he was eating better, he's not choking he just seems like a happier child," said Benzinger.

Health inspectors have checked out the mold and its possible the family will have to  tear down the house and start over. WFFT will continue to contact Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance and bring the latest on this family's claim.

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