EPA & President Obama Propose Cuts on CO2 Emissions

By ISABELLA MOLLER | imoller@kark.com

Published 06/03 2014 02:20PM

Updated 06/03 2014 02:41PM

The Environmental Protection Agency and the President are proposing cuts on CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.   All in an effort to take charge of climate control but many opponents of the decision say it will be a job killer and end up costing folks living in certain states in the end and Indiana is one of those states.

WFFT's Isabella Moller spent time learning what this could mean for you she brings us both sides of this controversial issue that make some pretty strong points.  The big question is will this effect our energy bills in the near future?

You don't need to hold onto your wallets quite yet.  Indiana Michigan Power and REMC both agree that it's too early to determine the effect on your electric bills.

"The EPA is proposing a clean power plan that will cut carbon pollution from our power sector by using cleaner energy sources and cutting energy waste."

Gina McCarthy, the EPA Administrator stated, this coming after President Obama went around Congress using his executive authority to propose new EPA regulations.

McCarthy says this plan aims to do 2 things.  It's setting achievable enforceable state goals to cut carbon pollution and, "laying out a national framework that gives states the flexibility to chart their own customized path on how they meet their goals."

"Critics claim your energy bills will sky rocket, they're wrong, should I say it again? They're wrong."

Gregg Kiess, President and CEO of REMC Power Company agrees.
"It's going to be expensive for Indiana."

"Hurt economically and in our pocketbook.  It will negatively impact Indiana."

Kiess said over 80% of Indiana's electricity is generated by coal, and a lot of jobs rely on it.

Statements from Senators Dan Coats and Joe Donnelly both express concern over the economic well-being of Indiana.

"Our state is highly reliant on coal power plants, which provide Hoosier with good jobs and some of most affordable, reliable electricity in the nation."

Senator Donnelly wrote, "Hoosier families and businesses rely upon affordable, reliable energy, most of it generated by coal, and to earn my support, the rule must reflect emissions reduction that are achievable with existing technology so that we can protect our environment without harming our economy."

Brian Bergsman, Director of Communications and Government Affairs at Indiana Michigan Power said this is an attempt to address the coal burning facilities.

"What that will mean going forward in terms of additional emission techniques that will be used will come about in the next few years."

Bergsman told WFFT that the EPA cut their CO2 emissions by 21% since 2005 and believes that there is always something that can be done.  The key is to address each state by their economic and energy needs.

Obama also addressed that by doing this.  The United States can put pressure on countries like India and China to adopt cleaner energy policies.  For now, no need to hold your wallets tight, we'll have to wait to see what companies can do to keep costs down.

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