Drones: From War Zones to The Farm

Published 05/15 2014 10:25PM

Updated 05/16 2014 09:05AM


Drones aren’t just used in war zones; they are also flying over farms across America.  Local farmers are using unmanned aircrafts to help identify areas of their farms that they've never been able to see before and it's even helping them cut down on costs. 

“When the corn is 8-10 feet tall in the late summer and you have thousands of acres to look at--it can be pretty daunting,” said Tyson Franks, Moody & Crew Farms. 

Much of the drone attention has been centered around companies like Amazon and UPS, who plan on using them to deliver packages.  However, for Franks, the camera attached to his drone helps him pin point every corner of his field.

Is it a pest is it a disease?  Is it something that we can address now? Is it something that we can learn to prevent for a future, Said Franks. 

Tyson says he's able to tailor the amount pesticides and herbicides used--which limits the  level of runoff that could flow into nearby waterways. 

“We are looking at this strictly as a tool, another tool on the farm,” said Franks. 

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