Craigslist Deal Gone Wrong

Published 04/21 2014 09:26PM

Updated 04/22 2014 08:26AM

 Neighbor Heidi Howe says she can't erase the blood curdling screams that she heard coming from her neighbors house around 1:30 Easter Morning.

“It was a male voice screaming help me help me over and over again,” said Howe.  

Police say call they found  Jeremy Chagoya lying in a pool of his own blood at a home on the 5600 block of Albany Court in Fort Wayne. 

“You have no idea who they are what their background is and it seems that every time these scenario play out we have the worst case scenario,” Fort Wayne Police Officer Michael Joyner. 

Joyner says a female responded to a Craigslist and met Chagoya alone inside the home.  After some time, the woman  said she needed to go outside.  When she returned, she was accompanied by a masked man with a shotgun.  

In fear, Chagoya started taking off his rings--offering them to the armed robber.  However, he was shot in the knee with a shotgun. Joyner says always meet in public when responding to Craigslist adds.

“People just have to look at this particular incident this person was in his own home because he set himself up for failure,” said Joyner.

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