Continuing Coverage: Collective Bargaining


Published 06/23 2014 09:32PM

Updated 06/24 2014 08:14AM

The collective bargaining debate may see an end in Fort Wayne after Tuesday night’s city council meeting. Jeremy Bush, President of the Professional Firefighters Union, anticipated the vote going against the union. He said, "Tomorrow I think we'll anticipate that the six of the members of council will override the Mayor's veto and vote in favor of deleting or repealing collective bargaining."

Bush said with this vote comes a lot of uncertainty among union workers. "Everybody's upset; no body knows what's going to happen. There's no plan in place effective immediately."

Councilman John Crawford said that since the council has voted the same way three times now, the outcome in Tuesday’s meeting seems to be predictable. He said, "I don't really know what's going to happen tomorrow you'd have to assume that this probably is going to go the same way but we've had surprises before in the override votes."

Councilman Crawford explained that doing away with collective bargaining has nothing to do with privatizing city utilities and deals with the overall cost, and as Crawford explains, saving the tax payers of the city of Fort Wayne money.

"We sincerely believe this will make managing the city more efficient and more flexible and will cut costs and that’s the only reason we're doing this,” said Crawford.

Even if this vote goes through, Bush ensured the safety workers of Fort Wayne will continue to provide the upmost service to their citizens.

Bush said, "We’re going to continue to show up and do our job umm were going to provide service to the citizens of Fort Wayne that's what we do on a daily basis, we'll try to continue operations as normal."

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