Community Steps up to Help Shadarobah Horse Rescue

Published 03/26 2014 06:16PM

Updated 03/27 2014 08:42AM

Rescued horses have called Shadorabah their home for the past five years. When the rescue was evicted from their location last week, the community stepped in to help 41horses find new homes. The Shadarobah horses are now spread out all across Northeast Indiana. President of the rescue Michelle Heitz says she doesn’t know exact numbers but believes about ten or eleven out of 41horses have been adopted. The other animals (goats and donkey) have also been accounted for.

"We built three stables in the back of my barn.” Said Jared Thiele who is fostering five of the horses. “Last week I talked to my buddy and we just started building on it on Saturday night and by Sunday we had all the walls up."

He is one of the dozen new caretakers. He plans to keep two and foster the others.

"I saw that they were being evicted so I called and asked if they needed my help," said Thiele.

Since he took in so many, his location has been given the name Shadarobah South because his private property is just south of Fort Wayne. It’s a name Thiele plans to keep.

"I love it, I got my neighbors helping me everyday and helping me build stuff," said Thiele

"What he has done for opening up his doors to us is absolutely phenomenal,” said Keven Oswalt, a faithful Shadarobah volunteer.

Heitz said it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the community.

“It's been like… what are we going to do about this then somebody shows up and it’s completely miraculous," said Heitz.

After splitting the horses into different locations, responsibilities like feeding and medication have also become divided. However Heitz, is looking at the glass half-full.

"I am thrilled to death that I’m standing here with these guys and they are safe and sound. That’s all I could ask for." she said.

The location fostering the most Shadarobah horses took in nine. The privately owned land in Whitley County is now called Shadarobah west. There are a dozen other homes that have one or two horses.

The rescue is still in need of volunteers and donations so if you would like to help donations are taken at the link below.

You can also privately message Shadarobah Horse Rescue on their website,

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