Comcast Wifi Hotspots Coming from Your Router


Published 06/19 2014 10:21PM

Updated 06/20 2014 05:35PM

If you're a Comcast Xfinity customer your home internet router could be used as a Wifi hotspot for your community. Comcast launched a nationwide initiative to get free wireless internet for Comcast customers a year ago using home routers as hotspots. The technology just hit our area on May 19th.

So what exactly does that mean? Michelle Gilbert, Vice President of Public Relations for Comcast explains, "As an Xfinity customer wherever you go and there's an Xfinity hotspot you have the ablity to log on with your Xfinity email password and get on your hotspot and not use your existing wireless plan."

It all sounds great, but users have questions. Is my privacy being exposed and who is paying for this service?

Gilbert says, "There is no extra cost to the customer. When friends come over and ask your password, this gives you the ability to protect your home internet service a little more and tell them they can log on to the second SSID."

Access to your personal Wifi account will not be used, since users are required to log on with their existing account or make an account for themselves, meaning your internet password is never given out and your name isn't associated with what your friends or family may be accessing while online.

If you are an existing customer and are in an area with an Xfinity hotspot you can log in to the second SSID and use the Wifi instead of accessing your cellphones data plan....

If you are not an existing customer you can sign up, and use the new Wifi hot spots, 2 times per month, for up to 2 hours, 1 hour at a time.

"The foundation is already built so this is a real value add so as you travel around Indiana and around the country, you can get the most out of your internet service and take advantage of Comcast," says Gilbert.

"It's your choice as a customer if you want to opt in or out."

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