Colonel David Augustine Cleared of Allegations


Published 07/16 2014 06:07PM

Updated 07/21 2014 11:25AM

WFFT was first to report a whistle blower's claims alleging excessive spending by Colonel David Auguststine, commander at the 122ND Fighter Wing. Those allegations prompted an independent investigation into the colonel's spending of taxpayer money. Wednesday, Adjutant General of Indiana, Major General Martin Umbarger made the findings of the investigation public.

There were tears of joy and hardship at Wednesday's press conference when Major General Martin Umbarger officially declared that 122nd Fighter Wing Commander Colonel David Augustine had been cleared of all 11 allegations.

"The 11 anonymous allegations against Dave Augustine has been found unsubstantiated by an independent and impartial investigating officer. Who concluded the evidence did not support any conclusion of any wrongdoing or misconduct."

Here is a brief review of the 11 allegations and the findings.
Allegation #1: Neon Sign - $50,000
Investigation: Formal military project, Army and Air Force have similar signs world wide - $48,435
Goal: To better connect with the Fort Wayne Community

Allegation #2: Speech Classes - $100,000
Investigation: Sending service members to speech classes is appropriate, course was not required, not benefiting now, or will benefit in the future - $85,000
Goal: To formalize a professional development program

Allegation #3: Leadership Fort Wayne - $3,500
Investigation - Participants were nominated by wing members and chosen by a board - $2,000
Goal: Professionally develop attending airman, and give a better understanding of the community

Allegation #4: Off-site Military Seminars - Unknown Amount
Investigation - 2 events (Strategic planning in Nov. 2011 & A Leadership seminar in June 2012)
Goal: Minimize normal work place distractions

Allegation #5: The English Painter
Investigation - English painter travels the world to capture the history of the Air Force and National Guard, The pictures sold went into a "Commander's Fund", The fund provides gifts and flowers for family members

Allegation #6: $50,000 for Holiday Parties
Investigation - 3 holiday parties - $53,821, average attendance 1,300, funded by all non-appropriated funds like vending machines, recycling, private donations, etc..

Allegation #7: $30,000 Design plan for personal office
Investigation - Construction project for the headquarter's building command section, that includes the commander's office, Energy efficient upgrade of the entire building,Tthe project is on the bottom 50% of construction priorities

Allegation #8: Uses an A-10 as a Personal Taxi
Investigation - Using an aircraft to travel to and from official meetings is standard practice, Each flight was conducted as a valid and proper training flight

Allegation #9: Grounded from Flying
Investigation - Has a temporary health issue, and is medically disqualified from flying at this time

Allegation #10: AFTP Duty Status
Investigation - While on not flying status, has actually increased simulator time, has always been in appropriate status

Allegation #11: Promotion of Drill-Status Guard Members
Investigation - Has instituted "Promotion Boards" to make all promotions transparent, Strike a balance between full and part-time promotions

Major General Umbarger concluded the conference with his support.
"He is a combat proven, and richly talented leader. And I am proud to have him as our Commander of the 122nd Fighter Wing."

State Senator Tom Wyss was at the announcement, and wants to make his support of Colonel Augustine clear.
"The fact that this came out from someone anonymously, that we had to go through it again. That it was made as public as it was, just tore my heart out, because I have nothing but the greatest confidence in Colonel Augustine."

Governor Pence's office released a statement saying he received a full briefing from General Umbarger, and considers the matter closed. 

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