Colonel Augustine Retiring After 32 Years of Service at 122nd Fighter Wing

Published 08/04 2014 02:59PM

Updated 08/04 2014 03:17PM

Colonel David Augustine, Commander of the 122nd Fighter Wing is retiring after 32 years of service.

He will leave the Indiana Air National Guard due to medical issues.

Augustine is currently unavailable for interviews, however WFFT's Tara Petitt got a chance to speak with the 122nd's Public Affairs Officer about the announcement.

Some are surprised that this is coming so soon after he was cleared of allegations of overspending tax dollars.

Second Lieutenant Christopher Myers says the Colonel's decision to retire is not connected in any way to the cleared allegations.

"It's something that I know Colonel Augustine's been looking forward to for awhile."

Myers, Public Affairs Officer for the 122nd Fighter Wing, says it's merely a coincidence that Colonel David Augustin's decision to retire comes so soon after being cleared of several allegations of misuse of overspending tax dollars and abusing his command.

WFFT asked Myers if the Colonel would have retired sooner if there had been no allegations made against him.

"I don't think the retirement date would've changed at all. The retirement will have nothing to do with the allegations; it's unfortunate that the recent events have taken place, but the coincidence just happens to be that these recent investigations have taken place, and it happens to coincide with that time period."

Do you think that because the Colonel can't fly, it affects his ability to command? And is that a legal issue that he's facing?

"Well, that's always something that could turn into a legal issue. That isn't in this case. I believe that there's dates that go far beyond when Colonel Augustine has decided to retire, when he would technically have to actually give up command. But that isn't coming into play. He has decided to retire recently because of a situation where a Commander can't fly at a Fighter Wing, that comes into play at certain times, where if he's not cleared medically to fly, then he's got two- one or two years really, until he can get back in that flying status."

Although Augustine is not taking interviews at this time, he did provide us with a statement.

"I am blessed to have had the opportunity to serve almost 32 years in the Air National Guard. And I can't think of a better place to retire than Fort Wayne. We have a patriotic community that is connected with its military- we are blessed. I am proud and honored to have served with the men and women of the 122nd Fighter Wing, the Blacksnakes, and in the Indiana Air National Guard."

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