Collective Bargaining: Professional Fire Fighter's Union Contracts Up for Debate


Published 07/01 2014 10:23PM

Updated 07/02 2014 08:41AM

After almost seven months of not having a contract, the Professional Firefighter's Union President Jeremy Bush spoke at the table regarding contracts for him as well as the Firefighters. President of City Council Marty Bender disagreed with several points in the proposed contract and questioned the need for a union President.

Bender said, “That’s money were paying out there for them to have union business if we receive nothing back in return as far as another man or woman on the street. "

Bender argued that the tax payers may not be aware that their money is going towards the union president's salary. However Jeremy Bush argued that his position is actually saving tax payer money.

Bush said, "There was a lot of give and take several things were addressed in these negotiations everything within that contract I would feel comfortable speaking with any member or citizen or any tax payer of the city of Fort Wayne and say exactly why they are in there."

Councilman Crawford argued that parts of the contract are no longer relevant, so as a whole the city council agreed to hold the vote for another week so changes can be made. We will keep you updated on this issue as it seems collective bargaining is not over here in the Summit City.

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