Cold, Snowy Weather Driving Down Sales


Published 02/11 2014 10:29PM

Updated 02/12 2014 09:03AM

The impacts of this brutal winter could last for months.

But besides all the potholes and the snow days off from school, this winter has hit many local businesses hard.

Some business owners tell WFFT this past month has been worse than some of the 2008 recession.

But they also say, as the cold drags on, we're actually getting used to it, and sales are beginning to warm up.

"Winter has not been our friend this year,” says El Azteca manager Laurie Stookey Miller.

Miller says the snow, ice and cold temperatures have frozen the Fort Wayne restaurants' assets.

"We do have our die-hard customers that are here regardless of what it's doing outside, but we have seen a little dip in sales since the blizzard of 2014 is here,” Miller says.

Try a little dip of twenty percent!

That's her estimate of how much sales have dropped through today.

"Really, the week of the super bowl was when we started to, our sales were down quite a bit that week,” Miller says.

Temperatures dropped below zero three times that week- with three inches of new snow on top of the snow already on the ground.

Hardly a unique situation this winter.

"We saw a big down turn when we got that really cold, cold  days and all that snow at the beginning of January, but I'll be honest with you, since then, people have gotten used to it. Even my seventy-five year old mother went out today, which she wouldn't have six weeks ago,” says Preferred Automotive Group owner Jay Leonard says.

Leonard says they took a hit in January, but have bounced back.

He didn't have numbers, but this past week, more people have shown up on his lots.

And can you imagine people buying a house in this?

Remax realtor Patrick Gillan says people are.

But even homes sales have been different.

"Obviously the traffic is slower in the winter time, fewer people are out there just to browse around and see what's out there. The people that are out there are more serious buyers, and serious sellers are out there too,” Gillan says.

Gillan says homes are selling faster as well.

A positive sign that in the region's frozen business climate could be thawing early.

The thing to watch for now is how quickly all this thaws.

Once we finally warm up, and this near-record snow melts away- we could see possible-record flooding and fog, which could further set back local businesses.

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