Car Chase Ends After Going Through Fence


Published 07/10 2014 09:50PM

Updated 07/17 2014 09:55AM

Police chased the suspect today which ended up in a few blocks from the house where he stole items from and were able to recover the items taken. Esperansa Gonzalez, a neighbor across the street said, "And as we went through the fence he got out of his car and took off running."

That’s what neighbor Esperansa Gonzalez said she saw Thursday when a car went through a fence across the street from here house on Lillie and Pettit Ave. "I only saw the car its coming this way and went into the driveway and went straight through,” said Gonzalez.

Fort Wayne Police Department was called after a neighbor observed a house being broken into. By the time police arrived the suspect lost control and ended up driving through the parking lot of Faith Lutheran Church.

"But by the time the police stopped he jumped out of the car and took off running,” Gonzalez, said the whole scene was cleaned up quickly.

"There was I and then I see two more coming from the other street and then all of a sudden I see not a lot of police cars,” said Gonzalez.

Fort Wayne police say K9 units were on the scene and the items were recovered from the vehicle Wednesday afternoon. Gonzalez said she was in her kitchen looking out at the scene and was unable to see the suspect before he fled from the scene.

Gonzalez said, "It was so quick all I know he had a white t-shirt on but I don’t know how he looked like."

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