Cab Driver Providing Cheap Cab Fare to Prevent DUIs


Published 07/16 2014 09:42PM

Updated 07/17 2014 09:12AM

"I had someone almost hit me head on ya know I saw them start to swerve and I really got lucky."

Dawn Trees, an A-1 taxi driver explained some of her scariest moments during her 3 years driving, and said this is where her idea started.

“It gives them a prearranged service to be able to get back and forth from the bars and know what time someone is going to be there to pick them up,” said Trees.

Trees said she came up with this idea 9 months ago, to provide a cheaper cab service to encourage those drinking to not get behind the wheel and instead hire a taxi driver. She explained, "Just a way for people to get back and forth and know that someone’s going to be there instead of having the chance of getting in the car and possibly getting a DWI, jail time, and abuse program."

Sergeant Ron Galaviz, is with the Indiana State Police. Galaviz said, "Over the past 18 plus months here in Allen County alone there have been over 540 alcohol related crashes that have resulted in some 192 injuries and 6 fatalities."

So on average counties during that time period had 45 alcohol related crashes per month.  "We get phone calls all the time everyday people suspecting the person driving near them as possibly being intoxicated,” said Galaviz.

Sergeant Galaviz said Dawn Trees’ program will be beneficial for the community. Galaviz said, "I think any type of proactive approach is definitely a win win for everyone if this program is able to grow legs and take off and be successful it can be nothing but a win win for  this community."

Trees said around 3am are when most people need a ride and with her plan, they can prearrange service. "It takes away the worry of knowing someone is going to be there to take them home,” Trees said.

The cost of the discount cards are ten dollars which then gives the rider ten percent off each cab ride.

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