Bullying Statistics on the Rise

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 05/30 2014 01:49PM

Updated 05/30 2014 02:05PM

Unfortunately, bullying is on the rise.  Statistics show that 1 in 4 school age children are bullied on a regular basis. As a parent, how can you know if your child is being harmed socially, verbally, or physically?

WFFT's Brooke Welch talks with a Carroll High School student that's trying to raise awareness of this issue.

There are many different ways a person can be bullies, verbally, online, socially, and physically.

Carroll High School Junior Patrick T'Kindt created an anti-bullying public service announcement that tries to define bullying, a term that can have a lot of different meanings.

"It's easy to go through life and think you know what bullying is, but can you take it a step further and make the definition not become reality."

T'Kindt explains why he created this public service announcement.

"Asking people the definition of bullying, I'd get a wide variety of answers and that's exactly what I wanted because I wanted to show people that you can't put bullying to one definition."

T'Kindt says his PSA is helping to raise awareness of bullying among students.

"They do homeroom presentations.  They talk about it more.  I think my video kind of adds to that as well and kind of raises awareness.  Hey, a kid of Carroll is making a video, that's kind of cool.  I shouldn't bully."

For parents not aware of the problem, here are some bullying statistics:
15% of students report they don't show up at school for fear of being bullied.
1 in 10 students will drop out of school or change schools due to bullying.
4th through 8th grade are the years a student is most likely to be bullied.

Carroll High School Principal Sam Diprimio says they work hard to spread an anti-bullying message.

"That we treat people right.  We treat everybody with human decency and we get the message out there.  That in life, you may not always agree.  People are going to be different and that's okay but you treat them with decency."

Being kind to others is the defining point of T'Kindt's video.

"The definition of bullying may be different from person to person but in the end, bullying is bullying.  Kindness is kindness.  Bravery is bravery."

T'Kindt's PSA that you saw pieces from has actually won him a trip to Los Angeles to the Teen Video Awards where he's been nominated for a national award as part of the Great American No Bully Challenge.

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