Bullying Numbers Released for Indiana Schools

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 08/13 2014 10:06AM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:47AM

Over 9,000 bullying instances took place at Indiana schools around the state this past school year.

School is upon us, and a new report by the Indiana Department of Education shows numbers for individual schools on how many bullying incidents occurred. Local leaders at area schools talk about what they are doing to keep your child from being bullied this coming school year.

Superintendent Dr. Ken Folks says East Allen County Schools are PBIS schools...meaning Positive, Behavior, Intervention, and Support, and that they take a proactive approach to bullying. "Teach kids good character, good standards, responsibility and respect. In fact in the buildings I was at today, that's how these schools started their day. With their pledges to do their very best. To respect others, to be responsible, to take ownership for their own actions."

For Fort Wayne Community Schools, Krista Stockman s http:// ays they try to focus on a culture of respect, and that it's important for employees or students to make someone aware if there's a problem. "Not just for teachers to be aware, but other adults in the building. Whether it's our cafeteria workers, or playground assistants or administrators. we all need to keep an eye out."

Southwest Allen Schools Social Worker Anita Gross says they train their staff and students yearly. but says cyber bullying is something parents need to keep an eye out for.  "Online bullying does add a new dimension to the problem. because it doesn't turn off when you go home from school. It follows you, whether it's on your phone, your twitter account, your Facebook. It also adds a new challenge for schools, because there are limits to what we can intervene on."

So what are the statistics for Allen County? Northwest Allen County Schools had 36 bullying incidents reported last year. East Allen County had 41 total. Fort Wayne Community Schools had 92 reported, and Southwest Allen reported 13. But only Covington Elementary, Deer Ridge Elementary, and Summit Middle School were included in Southwest Allen totals.

If you want to see the bullying statistics for each individual school in Indiana, click on this link: 

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