Brandt's Harley Davidson Hosts "Support the Troops" Freedom Rally


Published 06/02 2014 02:31PM

Updated 06/02 2014 02:47PM

If you like motorcycles, food, music, and supporting our veterans, then you'll love this story.  Brandt's Harley Davidson in Wabash hosted their "Support The Troops" Freedom Rally and concert this weekend.

For those that have never served, we have no idea what our veterans have been through.

"you go in the military, the major outcome might be your life.  You might make it, you might not.  You train to survive and to get by.  If they gave their life, God love em."

Veteran Howard Mickler is thankful when people support those that have served.

"I appreciate it, I appreciate everything, anybody does for veterans.  You gotta back people that do that stuff because they are backing you."

This is the first year for the Freedom Rally event and Brittany Rager with Brandt Harley Davidson says honoring veterans was an easy decision.

"We're all military families and always a strong supporter but to put on an event this big, and have it all geared toward military, I think they really enjoy it."

Rager says they hope the Freedom Ride raises a lot of funds.

"Led by Jesse James Dupri of Jackyl and Full Throttle Saloon.  It's a $5.00 donation per rider and we're going to donate all those proceeds, 100%."

They expected the parking lot to be filled with thousands of people and Mickler encouraged everyone to come show their support.

"You gotta support the troops, if you don't, you're a fool.  You're an ostrich, you got your head stuck in the sand."

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