Bill Would Legalize Unblocking Cell Phones


Published 07/29 2014 09:54PM

Updated 08/01 2014 04:24PM

You'll soon be able to take your cell phone from one carrier to another without any fear of breaking the cell phone company's law. 

Congress passed a bill that legalized unlocking your phone. This means you can take your phone from one carrier to another by simply switching your SIM card. Jeremy Gayed, partner with Garrett and McNagny in Fort Wayne said this is a huge benefit to international travelers.

"If you have an unlocked phone you can very easily pop out the little SIM card pop in a new SIM card and instantly be on another network and if you have an unlocked phone you don’t have to ask your existing carrier for permission you don’t have to pay them to set it up,” said Gayed.

This act called the Unblocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act is on its way to President Barack Obama's desk after the Senate and House passed it and Obama said he looks forward to signing the bill into law.

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