Beating the Heat


Published 06/17 2014 09:52PM

Updated 06/18 2014 08:09AM

Tuesday was the hottest day so far in 2014, reaching into the nineties.

And the humidity was off the charts, making for a pretty dangerous mixture.

It's still in the mid-eighties past ten o'clock.

But this kind of sticky heat can be dangerous.

So here's how you can stay safe as it hits full force all week long.

"I brought juice and stuff to drink so there's plenty of it so that they don't get dehydrated,” says parent April Hickles.

Hickles cooled off her kids at a local splash pad as Tuesday's high pushed into the low nineties.

The heat, combined with high humidity, can be dangerous for too long.

"The very young heat up very quickly, up to three times faster than an adult, the very old, their ability to control their temperatures is severely limited as they get older,” says emergency Doctor Albert Emilian.

Dr. Emilian urges people to watch for the signs of heat exhaustion-showing signs of being tired or lethargic- muscle cramping- or a sudden decrease in sweat.

But he says it's not just people playing in the heat.

"For the people that work in this especially, they should start hydrating before they even leave for work,” Dr. Emilian says.

Craig McCullough works road construction.

"You just don't get a break for it. There's no shade, the sun's beating down on you the whole time,” McCullough says.

He says staying outside all day can be difficult.

"You just got to make sure you drink a lot of water and wear loose fitting clothes,” McCullough says.

Northside grad D'Marcus Moon is working and playing- as he trains for football at Eastern Michigan starting next week.

"Just keeping fluids in me all day and stretching just to make sure my muscles are relaxed and are able to perform at a good level in this heat,” Moon says.

Besides lots of water and loose clothing, they say to wear light-colored clothing- take plenty of breaks and use sunscreen- and limit time outside.

With the chance of thunderstorms for much of the week, it might force us to go inside a little bit.

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